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Weed Eradication at Sunderland Bay 15 May 2016

on May 22, 2016

Weed identification – Checking out the Carpobrotus species to determine if it is an exotic or hybrid such as Angled Pigface (Carpobrotus aequilaterus) which has been treated at this site. A garden escapee that is polluting the gene pool of the indigenous species.


Our coastcare team was joined by local expert Alison Oates who has been producing a Vegetation Management Plan for the North South Coast as well as a Weed Management Plan for Phillip Island Nature Parks.


Keying out the Carpobrotus species. Identification best takes place in late spring to summer by cutting across the fruits to expose the carpels (like sections of an orange). If there are 7 or less carpels it is indigenous, but if it has 8 or more it is exotic or hybridised. Other characteriastics such as colour or internode length can be variable particularly with hybridisation.

Hunting for Gorse

Hunting for Gorse


There is still a lot of Gorse on the headland that needs to be treated as well as Sweet Pittosporum that can be seen flowering at the moment. — at Sunderland Bay – Phillip Island.


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